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Photo by Taylor Selsback


The Bad Man formed in late 2016 intent on energizing the Minneapolis sound with a unique, modern twist on timeless rock and punk grooves. The Bad Man quickly wrote and recorded their first record, Aint Clean, an addictive tour de force released in 2017, and began cutting their teeth at Minneapolis' staple venues such as the 331 Club and the 7th Street Entry. Since, the band's rowdy, fun performances and signature back-alley bounce have invoked noteworthy attention. Honorably selected by First Avenue as one of the seven Best New Bands of 2017, The Bad Man performed in the venue's legendary Mainroom earlier this year. The band has continued to excel locally, opening for national acts Superchunk and Foster the People. 

The Bad Man's sophomore album Laughing With Bad Teeth was released on October 26th on all platforms. The album charted at #158 on the NACC 200. The premier single 'Bonita', as well as ‘Disco!’ have received significant airtime on The Current. Both songs—danceable, high energy, and genre-defying—lay the groundwork for the new record's hi-fi yet raw, energetic sound. Following the release of Laughing With Bad Teeth, the band continues to gain exposure and reach through local and regional shows and festivals, all the while preparing to tour select national markets in throughout 2019. 


Peter Memorich: Vocals

Patrick Davis: Guitar

Warren Peterson: Bass

Ben Hintz: Saxophone

Mike Richey: Drums








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Biggest and best impression: The Bad Man played right in the middle of the 5½-hour showcase but was tops in both audience reception and musical output.
— Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
The Bad Man: Between gravelly voiced frontman Peter Memorich’s penchant for jumping around shirtless on stage and saxophonist Ben Hintz’s cool, guitar-style involvement in the songs, this punky but rootsy Minneapolis quintet has offered plenty to gawk at and contemplate in such memorable recent gigs as the Grumpy’s Art-A-Whirl party and First Ave’s Best New Bands showcase. But the group also boasts many meaty, clever, hook-laden songs, including new ones for an album in the works.
— Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
The Bad Man is a tour of rock genres from the basics of Mississippi rock and roll to the Ramones and the Stones, with heavy guitar and shrieking vocals that are as much at home in a bar or concert hall as they are at a house show. The dynamic interplay of guitar, drums, bass, and saxophone provides a surprisingly funky sound to the punk aesthetic that allows them to both transcend and deepen what punk and rock are in this decade, pushing further ahead while still paying great homage to the works of those before them.
— McKinley Ciepielinski, Twin Cities Geek
Halfway through their set, I looked out into the audience and it had honest-to-god TRIPLED in size. It was in that moment I realized I was witnessing something special, an extraordinary band with one of the tightest fan bases I’ve seen (and I’ve now decided to join this cult). Please, if you ever get the chance to see these guys live, DO. Wonderfully done.
— Chris Cartwright, MN Music Musings